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Dan Schulz*

Vice President

Chris Winckers


*Personal Real Estate Corporation


We provide outstanding deals and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our clients


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our clients’ lives

$500 Million In Apartment Building Sales Since 1998

Navigating a real estate transaction brings waves upon waves of paperwork, second-guessing and surprises. Realtor’s are the necessary link to help you chart a course through what could be a life- changing event.
Where we sets ourselves apart from others, is in three key areas: Valuation, Marketing Strategy and Contracts. Through our detail-oriented approach, we ensure that transactions are conducted properly and fairly.
No matter where in British Columbia your property is located, we knows the buyers and the sellers. Most importantly, we have the skills and diplomacy to achieve a swift, efficient and profitable sale.


Multi-Family Apartment Building, Mobile Home Park and Land Valuations
Before marketing begins, we commit ourselves to performing an in-depth, due diligence inspection. This analysis gives all parties involved a ‘trial run’ to prepare for future showings and negotiations.
Our team becomes fully versed in a property’s intricacies. From educating the caretaker on the do’s and don’ts of showing a property, to the particulars of sale and our property bible, our goal is to become an expert on the property – perhaps becoming more familiar with it than the owners themselves.
This attention to detail early in the sale is another way we sets himself apart. By eliminating the chance for last minute surprises for Vendors and Purchasers, the intended sale price is maintained, subject conditions are removed and an efficient closing occurs.

Marketing Strategy & Becoming An Insider

Once given the opportunity to market and sell your property, we begins proven steps to ensure that your property garners the attention needed to guarantee a positive first impression. Our goal is to identify a buyer, or buyers, who can appreciate the attributes of your property so you may obtain the highest value. To find the right buyer, we ensure that all options are explored and all bona fide potential purchasers have an opportunity to bid.
As part of your team, we is always in constant communication. To maximize sale prices, we coordinates personnel and financial resources efficiently. Along with careful planning, diligent implementation and accurate review, our team understands your needs and conveys those of the other party plainly and accurately.
This strategy is adaptable and capable of being revised as time goes by. Whether more information and insight about the property is learned, or changes in the market climate occur, our team is always one step ahead in marketing your property effectively.
In addition, you’ll have access to a worldwide client and customer base. Our focus on selectivity, ensures that potential parties are ones we know are capable, qualified and interested prospects.

Comprehensive Contract Analysis And Advice

Contract (contrato): A legally enforceable contract between competent parties who agree to perform or refrain from performing certain acts for a consideration. In essence, a contract is an enforceable promise. (Source: Webster’s Dictionary)
Our team will provide you with all necessary legal documentation that accomplishes the objectives of the parties involved while protecting your interests. We will closely with you in order to help you understand each detail of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. From the negotiated terms and conditions such as, purchase price and deposits, subject removal dates, completion and possession, our aim is to help you in understanding every aspect of the contract and to ensure that the due diligence process transpires smoothly.